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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Vaccines are Poison

Keep Yourselves and Your Children Vaccine Free

Here are the facts: Vaccines have never worked and will never work. If you have been vaccinated feel blessed and lucky that you are not dead, ill, or paralyzed because of it. The part of the population who are “fine” after receiving vaccines are fortunate that their bodies are able detox the evil venomous poisons. For the rest of the not so lucky population the result is death, autism, or a deterioration of health.

The medical claims that vaccines are the reason for the elimination of small pox, cow pox, rabies, polio, measles, mumps, and other epidemics are simply lies. In every case, the elimination of disease epidemics were a result in a change in lifestyle. The vaccines were often introduced to the public once the epidemic was under control. Case in point is polio. In 1955 when Jonas Salk introduced his vaccine for polio it was deemed a success despite 10 deaths and 200 people paralyzed as a result of the shot. To accept that a small amount of poison has to be injected into your bloodstream in order for you to gain immunity from a viral response by the body has to be such utter nonsense that human beings will accept anything as truth. Nonetheless, it’s brilliant for the pharmaceutical industry.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos What is the primary motive for vaccines? It’s business as usual, a billion dollar industry that is rooted by misleading the population through ignorance and fear. The mega media does its part with the present Swine Flu campaign. However, given the history and damage that vaccines are responsible for I believe there is a much deeper sinister evil motivation behind these poisons being distributed worldwide. One can look at the widespread vaccine efforts in Africa and it’s connection to AIDS, which was simply genocide under the guise of a save the third world vaccine campaign.

The fear campaign started some years ago with the flu season. The flu, short for influenza, is simply a detoxification response to the seasonal changes the body goes through. At the root of the flu is mucus. The flu season ironically ends in April when people spend more time outdoors, become more active and hence burn off excess mucus. When the flu season begins in November, the weather has transitioned to much colder temperatures which leads to most people eating heavier mucus forming food and more of it, especially with seasonal year end holidays. Heat allows for movement and cold has the inverse effect. Mucus is a blessing as much as it is a curse. When we put foreign substances into our body via the mouth, the body has mucus to protect our sensitive organs and body. Because vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream it bypasses our naturally designed protective mucus membranes making vaccinations that much more lethal and sinister.

The news is out: Vitamin D is better than the swine flu vaccine at halting H1N1 infections. In fact, without vitamin D, chances are that a vaccine won’t generate much of an immune response in the first place. That’s because vitamin D is essential for healthy, active immune function. That’s just one of the reasons smart people are choosing vitamin D instead of the swine flu vaccine. Here are nineteen more reasons:

#1 Vitamin D activates your immune system to respond to any viral exposure (not just one virus).
#2 Vitamin D naturally belongs in your body.
#3 Vitamin D has been functioning as medicine in the human body since the beginning of the human species.
#4 Vitamin D is available right now and there’s no shortage of it.
#5 Vitamin D won’t cause your brain to swell and put you into a coma.
#6 Vitamin D doesn’t require an injection with a scary needle.
#7 Vitamin D is found naturally in many foods such as sardines or salmon.
#8 Vitamin D has a perfect safety record. No one ever died from consuming it.
#9 Vitamin D is affordable. You can even get it for free (from sunlight).
#10 Vitamin D doesn’t contain viral fragments from diseased animals (like vaccines often do).
#11 Vitamin D doesn’t contain thimerosal or other chemical preservatives.
#12 Vitamin D doesn’t need a warning sheet describing possible side effects.
#13 Vitamin D doesn’t hurt your arm when you take it.
#14 Vitamin D also improves sugar metabolism, bone density and healthy moods.
#15 Vitamin D is safe for the environment.
#16 Vitamin D doesn’t contain squalene or other inflammatory adjuvant chemicals.
#17 Vitamin D works on everyone and is safe for everyone, including infants and children.
#18 Vitamin D is made in nature, not a laboratory.
#19 Vitamin D is found naturally in breast milk.
#20 You can walk, and chew gum, and generate vitamin D from sunshine all at the same time!

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