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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Definitions: Old World Order vs New World Order

The OLD World Order is what we have now: Satan worshippers controlling the many nations of the world through Commerce and War. This is the Roman Empire; it's a system that's been in place for one or two thousand years.

The NEW World Order is all about world "peace," a big brother world leader, the UN, agenda 21, one religion, one language, one government, etc. This model is a technocratic (also Satanic) nightmare, being pushed by the Zeitgeist Movement, the White Dragon Society, and the Galactic Federation of Light.

BEWARE! Neither system represents true peace, prosperity, and freedom for humanity.

Pyramids of the New World Order and the Old World Order

Did fallen angel's offspring build the pyramids, or did they bring the knowledge to man who built them?
We know from Scripture Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved the children of Israel, the offsping of the man named Israel, formerly known as Jacob. We also know many of these Egyptians practiced sorcery and other occult arts.
No "primitive" man could have built these, and yet they are from a period of time that our history books tell us the wheel had not even been invented yet and communications across the seas and travel was unthinkable, we are told, but these huge monuments mock us all in stone and make history books a laughing stock because who ever built these were far from primitive.
It's a great mystery.
Are "space aliens" and fallen angels one in the same? Angels are no from the earth, making them by definition alien and extraterrestrial.
The Bible tells us plainly there ARE inhabitants of the heavens, outer space, and other realms. This has been written for thousands of years.
Why do we act surprised; it's all right there in God's Word.

The Old World Order (Part I)

The Old World Order (Part II)

The New World Order is Here! - NWO - Plans Elite - Illuminati - Truth

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